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Prospering from the land –

Lushui's Laowo village has established the Duoduo Orchard with financial aid from e-commerce platform Pinduoduo.[Photo byCheng Yuezhu/China Daily]

Yunnan's counties are developing their natural advantages, in every sense of the term, to overcome poverty by sustainably capitalizing on their healthy environments, Cheng Yuezhu and Li Yingqing report in Yunnan.

Yunnan's cloud-capped mountains conceal rich flora and fauna. And the province's counties are using a variety of methods to protect nature and harness its poverty-alleviation potential.

Sanhe village in the county-level city of Lushui lies in the Gaoligong Mountains, an area with watery landscapes, old-growth forests and ethnic villages.

Avian approach

The settlement is striking a balance between economic development and environmental preservation by establishing bird-watching sites.

Residents fondly refer to local poverty-alleviation team member Zhang Chaojiang as "uncle bird".

Zhang previously worked for Nujiang Lisu autonomous prefecture's science and technology bureau and practiced photography in his free time.

He became enthusiastic about snapping shots of birds after a friend invited him to join a bird-watching trip in 2015.


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