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Independent researcher rejects anti-China claims – World – Chinadaily.com.cn

BEIJING - Australian professor Clive Hamilton resorted to "manipulated quotes and misrepresented statistics" to support his anti-China claims, which are riddled with deceit, an international researcher has said.

"Hamilton's anti-China 'evidence' falls apart under scrutiny," said Melissa Harrison, an independent researcher on international relations, in a recent article carried by the Australian Alert Service.

The references Hamilton provided in one of his books did not support his scary allegations against China, the researcher said, adding that some original references even made no mention of China.

"Hamilton deliberately twists any gesture of friendship, respect or mutually beneficial cooperation with China," Harrison said, citing China's friendly ties with the US state of Iowa.

Such a China-Iowa relationship has been built over decades through "modest citizen diplomacy by farmers," which was "just one of many examples of how the two cultures ever so gradually intertwined at a grassroots level," she said.

However, Harrison noted, Hamilton intentionally twisted this decadeslong relationship of mutual respect and peaceful trade into "an object of suspicion and derision."

"His poisonous intention is evident: to deceive Australians into a New Cold War with China," Harrison wrote.


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